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10' universal Yoke and Toggle suspension kit

Item#: 4011003-10

Price: $25.00 Per PC



$14.99 Per PC

$12.99 Per PC


Lighting grippers and suspension kits from A.L.P. offer value, versatility and field adjustability. Featuring the latest technology in ceiling fi xture suspension, A.L.P.’s systems are both durable and fl exible. Fixtures are raised and lowered on the suspension wire for fast, cost-effective installation and easy adjustment, with signifi cantly lower labor cost. Crafted of the highest quality material, including internal stainless steel ball bearings, this kit offers the integrity that..


  • Hanging system specifi cally designed
    with highbay hanging in mind.
  • Capable of capturing any spread, up to
    approximately 15”.
  • Designed to allow easy fi xture height
    adjustment at the fi xture.
  • Toggles will work with virtually any slot
    or hole dimensions.
  • Cables are pre-looped at end for easy
    installation. Simply throw the cable over
    the strut, feed through the end loop,
    and cinch to secure.