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Espen F54T5/HO 120-277 High Output Program Start

Item#: VE254MVHRP

Price: $19.95 Per PC


Espen 1-2 F54T5/HO, 120-277V, High Power Factor, Program Start Electronic Ballasts for 2 x FC12T5HO 55W

This item has a lead time of 3 week.

Technical Details

  • Family:  Elite 
    Lamp Type:  FC12T5HO 55W 
    Rated Lamp Wattage:  55 W 
    No. of Lamps:  2 
    Input Voltage:  120/277 V 
    Input Frequency:  50/60 Hz 
    Input Current:  0.87/0.37 A 
    Input Power:  106 W 
    Power Factor:  0.98 
    Max. THD:  10 % 
    Ballast Factor:  0.86 
    B.E.F:  0.81 
    Lamp Current Crest Factor:  1.7 
    Min. Starting Temperature:  0 °F 
    Length:  9.5 In 
    Width:  1.3 In 
    Height:  1 In 
    Mounting:  8.91 In 
    Lamp Operation:  Serial 
    Starting Method:  Program Start 
    Advance:  ICN-2S54-90C 
    Universal:  B254PUNV-D 
    Sylvania:  QTP2x54T5HO/UNV 
    GE:  B254PUNV-DGE1C