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GE ProLine™ GE432MV-N T8 Electronic CFL Ballast

Item#: 74463

Price: $12.99 Per PC



$12.49 Per PC

$11.99 Per PC


GE LFL Multi-Volt ProLine™ 74463 GE432MV-N 120/277 Volt Electronic Fluorescent T8 Instant Start Ballast 3-4 F32T8 Lamps

Technical Details:  

  • UPC Code:  043168744638
  • Manufacturer Code:  GE432MV-N
  • GE LFL Multi-Volt ProLine™ Electronic Multivolt Instant Start Ballast
  • High performance electronic ballast for all general fluorescent applications
  • Instant start electronic ballast for long lamp starting cycles and low initial cost
  • Multi-Voltage Technology handles voltage from 120 to 277V
  • Mounting Dimensions: 8.9 L x 1.1 W, Mount slot set 0.3 apart
  • Parallel Circuitry: keeps remaining lamps lit if one or more go out
  • Max Case Temp 70° C
  • Light-weight, Low Profile Housing
  • Parallel lamp operation means system maintenance is easier to manage