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Philips 6R20/END/F22 2700 DIM 6/1 LED Lamp

Item#: 408260

Price: $22.00 Per PC


The Philips EnduraLED R20 (NR-63) floods make downlighting simple. With only 7 watts of power and very long life, they eliminate the hassle of repeated re-lamping in busy areas. Installation into existing fixtures brings innovation to familiar applications.

Technical Details

  • 6W High efficacy LED narrow flood light
  • 2700K Color Temperature
  • 81 CRI
  • 22 Beam Angle
  • 200 Approximate Lumens
  • Dims to 10% of full light levels with excellent beam control
  • Instant-on light
  • Emits virtually no UV/IR light in the beam
  • 45,000 hour rated average life
  • Contains no mercury