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Philips PL-L 40W/41/RS/IS Twin-Tube CFL Lamp

Item#: 300442

Price: $6.29 Per PC


Philips | 300442 | PL-L 40W/41/RS | 40 Watt CFL 2G11 Base 4100K This 40 watt compact fluorescent saves up to 75% on energy costs. It has a soft white 4100K color temperature and must be used in a fixture that is compatible with its 2G11 base. Plug-in compact fluorescent light bulbs are equipped with specialized pin bases that are specific to the CFL’s wattage to ensure that it is matched up with a proper fixture containing a compatible ballas

Product Features:

  • Color/Finish: Soft White
  • Color Temperature: 4,100K
  • Average Lifetime: 10000 hours
  • Lumens (light output): 3500
  • CRI: 82