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RAB 13 Watt LED Black Gooseneck Luminaire

Item#: GNLED13B

Price: $259.00 Per PC


13 Watt LED Black Gooseneck Decorative Lighting Fixture - Replaces 75 Watt Incandescent - Adjustable 45 Degree Swivel Joint - Glare reducing frosted glass lens - Heavy duty mounting arm with O ring seal and stainless steel screw - High Performance LED Gooseneck Luminaire designed to match the architecture of Main Street storefronts and building perimeters. Call for better pricing

Technical Details:

The gooseneck lighting fixtures that routinely adorn Main Street storefronts have traditionally relied on inefficient incandescent technology, leading to frequent lamp outages, high energy costs, and recurring maintenance concerns. The RAB LGOOSE offers a compelling solution to all of these problems -- driving 80% energy savings and providing many years of maintenance-free light output without compromising quality of light. With performance that significantly exceeds Energy Star requirements for chromatic stability during LM-80 Testing, RABs LGOOSE 13 Watt LED features a neutral-white color temperature of 4000K and high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 86 to deliver a natural and pleasing ambiance. Combined with RAB-engineered optics and a frosted glass lens, the quality of light cast by the LGOOSE is smooth and uniform with no glare, ideal for illuminating and highlighting storefront signage. Additionally designed to match the architectural environment of the typical Main Street storefront, LGOOSE is available in three different decorative shades (Angled Cone, Angled Dome, or Straight Shade),