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Sylvania QHE 2x54T5HO-347-480 PSN-HT

Item#: 51485

Retail price: $135.99

Our Price: $49.99 Per PC


1-2 Lamp 347/480 volt Programmed Rapid Start Quicktronic High Efficiency Electronic Fluorescent Sylvania Ballast for 54 watt T5 HO Light Bulbs

This item has a lead time of 3 week.

Key System Features

• High Efficiency Systems over 90% efficient
• 90°C maximum case temp.
• 347-480V input voltage range
• 100% ballast factor (see table)
• QUICKSENSE® ballast technology (end-of-lamp-life sensing)
• PROStart programmed rapid start
• UL type CC rated
• -20°F/-29°C min. starting temp.
• Operates at >42 kHz to reduce potential interference with infrared control systems
• High power factor
• Low harmonic distortion
• Lightweight
• RoHS compliant
• Lead-free solder, printed circuit board and manufacturing process